This game was originally called either a clone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or an attempt by Desura to play on the same field with it and even compete. But if a person hasn’t tried this Zelda of yours - this is a Switch exclusive, which not everyone in Russia has - how will he perceive Immortals Fenyx Rising in isolation from the initially subjective and obviously losing comparisons for the brainchild of “Yubi”?

I switched to Immortals Fenyx Rising right after Assassin's Creed Valhalla , so for me completely different comparisons were much more relevant. Exactly the same combat system, which you switch to like a glove, without any training, the same stealth with a particularly powerful blow from the back, parkour, "leaps of faith" (only here the character falls down much less stylishly), the same features (in including not the most pleasant) controls and interface.

On the spot there is a system of hunters / zealots chasing the player - here this role is played by the ghosts of mythical heroes who are sent down on us by the evil titan Typhon. There is even an analogue of an eagle, which can attack enemies from the air and help us in every way. Plus an open world, an emphasis on pumping, cleaning the map, searching for all kinds of chests and artifacts.

In general, the online game looks like a kind of spin-off of Assassin's Creed Odyssey (after all, the action also takes place in Ancient Greece) - as if the developers were sitting after its release, noted, drank Greek wine and thought: why are such good developments disappear and remain within the same franchise? ? And they made a competitor of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - they simply removed the order of the Assassins, planted beautiful, juicy greenery and generally gave the situation a touch of cartoonishness.

Do you feel the irony in my words? It exists, although in fact I don't see anything seditious in such a desire of Ubisoft managers - a completely pragmatic and in its own way justified approach that allows those who have not played it on Switch on Switch and are not eager to buy a console to play Breath of the Wild.

And after all, almost everything we planned was done. They removed the Templars and assassins, added a new main character (or a heroine - choose the gender yourself), which according to the plot is the last hope of the gods to stop the fallen titan Typhon - he deprived the essence of all the inhabitants of heaven and wants to radically "update" Olympus. Only Prometheus, Hermes and Zeus remained, who, to top it off, for some reason turned all mortals to stone. Phoenix wants to remove the curse, and in the end he saves the gods.

The authors also added greenery and humor. The ships were removed, but they were allowed to fly on wings like a wingsuit, as in the latest Far Cry and Just Cause . Plus, they introduced many puzzles in the dungeons of Tartarus, where story quests are completed and Zeus' lightning is earned - for them you can increase stamina reserves.

On the surface, we are looking for ambrosia - for every six pieces, one health scale is added. In addition, we collect various crystals, for which in the forge of the Hall of the Gods (this is our base) you can improve weapons and equipment. And for the pomegranates, herbs, mushrooms and flowers found, we cook four types of potions in the same place.

Finally, there are puzzles during the so-called trials of the gods - to repeat the melodies on a huge lyre, get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, or, for example, take an arrow through all the targets, controlling it in rapid speed in the same way as we did in Assassin's Creed .

For success in such tests, we earn Charon coins, for which you need to learn / pump new skills, both combat and not so much, for example, improve a sword / ax combo, add 100% damage to a headshot or increase the effectiveness of stamina recovery. In the same way, we pump special divine skills like tossing enemies into the air.

As a result, eyes run up from all these chests, trials, dungeons and so on. Immortals Fenyx Rising certainly has problems though . I know very well that Zelda has a well-developed world with its own history, which fans have been closely following for a long time. Everything was immediately turned into irony and jokes, which for the most part are not very funny and generally neutralize what is happening before clowning - it is especially manifested in the dialogues between the pretentious humanist Prometheus and the silly Zeus, who, in fact, serve the plot.

The second misfortune is typical for all "Assassins" - sooner or later you can feel the monotony here. The world is bright, but not very lively, the role of side quests is performed by one-time tasks in the spirit of "Kill 8 boars / defeat 40 mythical monsters / collect 6 ambrosia". Puzzles in trials and dungeons are also often repeated - we constantly control arrows, carry boxes, stones and heavy balls, jump on platforms, press levers ..

Some plot missions to return the gods to their essences, however, look funny - you should have seen how disgustingly righteous Aphrodite has become! But they sometimes seem too tight - for the same goddess, first we roll a huge pearl for a long time, then we drag the apple of discord in the same way. It's still a pleasure, I must say...

Nevertheless, as an entertainment product, Immortals and its mechanics work. Yes, with reservations, yes, you need to take breaks so that the feeling of monotony does not overwhelm, but still. The world is beautiful and juicy; "Points of interest" are heaps of, everything is drawn to find and explore.

It is also important that many zones and places at first seem not very accessible - either the enemies are too strong, or the stamina is not enough. And then you often come across elite opponents and bosses (the same ghosts of heroes) who give a light. And here the good old desire is triggered to pump and overcome, proving both to yourself and to the game that you are cool.

At the same time, the combat system does not have enough stars from the sky, but again it works - a classic mechanic for the latest "Assassins" that allows you to combine melee / ranged combat and stealth (although the latter is clearly given less attention). Ordinary enemies can be simply clicked, but with more complex ones you have to use skills, dodge and parry.

Divine skills and gifts bring zest. The latter are mostly passive and very effective - one of the gifts of Aphrodite, for example, once every 20 minutes, fully restores the health weakened in battle. Ares, Hephaestus and Athena have their trump cards in divine sleeves.

Fenyx Rising is unlikely to defeat The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . But if we ignore these comparisons and do not wait for the unrealizable, but just play, then spend several evenings on these fabulous adventures (or even more - the game is big!) And get your dose of pleasure is quite real. Especially if you've never owned a Nintendo Switch.

Pros: A colorful open world to explore; a lot of tests and opportunities for pumping; the game now and then challenges and keeps you in suspense for a long time; spectacular combat system; expressive voice acting, including in Russian.

Cons: the plot has been reduced to the level of not a very funny joke; many monotonous, repetitive actions.