Almost everyone has stayed in a hotel at least once in a life. And the first person people meet on the doorstep is the hotel front desk. First of all, the duties of such a specialist include the placement of guests, as well as all other hospitality services. Also, the client's satisfaction depends on the professionalism of the hotel receptionist. 

Receptionist duties 

In today's world, the hotel front desk has much more responsibilities, and not just meets visitors but also performs other important tasks. Initially, the administrator meets potential customers, registers guests, and then places them in their rooms. It is also the responsibility of a receptionist to organize the delivery of luggage to the guest's room. An explanation of the rules of stay in the hotel, the availability of additional services, the issuance and storage of room keys, delivery of correspondence - this is a small list of receptionist's duties.

In addition, the hotel front desk must keep track of available rooms in the hotel, as well as deal with room booking. Supervision of the cleaning process is also the responsibility of the administrator. By the way, one of the first tasks of an administrator is to organize the well-coordinated work of the staff. The front desk should be able to choose well-coordinated team members that can understand each other perfectly. Control over the financial part of the hotel services is also the responsibility of the front desk.

Cons and pros of Front Desk position

The disadvantages of front desk position can include such factors as:

- the occurrence of conflict situations with guests;

- a heavy workload at a time when there is a large flow of visitors;

- shift schedule;

- the need for constant supervision of the staff.

At the same time, the position of administrator has and undoubtedly positive aspects:

- high salary;

- demand in the labor market;

- possibility to develop communication skills very quickly;

- a lot of new connections.

Hotel Front Desk Resume 

Let's take a look at what a strong hotel front desk resume should consist of. 

Proper structure and form

Search the internet for a standard resume structure and form; look first for ready-made templates. If you find the right sample you will save a lot of time and resources. A standard resume should include a description of your work experience, education, and skills. Try to remember to include all important and relevant information about yourself and your previous career.

Description of work experience

In this section, describe in detail your professional path from the beginning of your career to where you are now.

Description of skills

There are certain qualities you should include on your resume:

- attentiveness and concentration;

- accuracy;

- communication skills;

- responsibility;

- friendliness;

- ability to find a common language with guests.


Don't forget to ask for a recommendation from a previous job, but make sure to explain everything to your ex-employer. It's important to plan everything and get a really positive recommendation.

In conclusion, the front desk manager is the first person that guests meet in the hotel. Therefore, he is responsible for creating the first impression of the institution. The duties of a hotel administrator are quite extensive and diverse: he should be a "universal soldier" ready for almost any situation. Therefore, anyone wishing to become a hotel receptionist must show extreme professionalism in his resume. 

We hope that our article will help you create a great resume and get a front desk position in a popular hotel.